ACC Venue Floor Plan

49th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine (ANZSNM) 2019 Conference, will be held at The Adelaide Convention Centre in the Adelaide CBD, North Terrace. Trade and catering will be setup in Halls M & N.

Telephone: (08) 8212 4099

Contact: Luke Edginton
Adelaide Convention Centre
Ph: (08) 8210 6766

Preliminary Schedule

Bump In

Friday 26 April, 2019

Booth Construction (Adelaide Expo Hire constructing shell scheme booths)
7.00am - 1.00pm

Custom Booth Construction
8.00am - 1.00pm

Exhibitor Bump In/Setup (Welcome Reception commences at 5:45pm)
1.00pm – 5.30pm

Bump Out

Sunday 28 April, 2019

Exhibitor Bump Out/Breakdown
2.15pm – 5.00pm

Adelaide Expo Hire Dismantle
5.00pm – 6.30pm

Delegates will be in the exhibition area during scheduled refreshment breaks. We recommend displays are staffed during scheduled breaks but the exhibition area will remain open/accessible from commencement of sessions until the close of each day.

Exhibitor Displays

Each display is 3m wide x 3m deep x 2.4m high.

Shell Scheme includes;

  • Walls: 2.4m high Velcro-compatible frontrunner covered Corinthian walls
  • Colour – black
  • Fascia: Digital print fascia name board sign featuring single colour lettering on a white background
  • A company sign will be installed over each open side Full colour or logo name board signs can be produced at an additional cost (POA)
  • Lighting: 2 x LED spotlights per 3m x 3m booth (9sqm) or smaller
  • Power: 1 x 4amp power point per 3m x 3m booth (9sqm) or smaller
  • Not to be used: Pins, staples, screws, nails, bolts, paint or double-sided adhesive tape
  • To be used: Velcro, hook & chain (available from Adelaide Expo Hire)

Raw Space:

Raw Space is suitable for custom built stands. It is carpeted and has power access Sponsors, who have chosen raw space, please make sure you read pages 17-18 of the Adelaide Convention Centre's Exhibition Handbook and fill out the form on page 37.

Booth Constructor - Adelaide Expo Hire

Adelaide Expo Hire can supply you with details on custom display stands, AV and/or furniture hire etc. and all information is accessed via their website here. Additional costs associated with these items are payable to Adelaide Expo Hire.

Contact: Kim Sluggett
Adelaide Expo Hire
Ph: (08) 8350 2306
Mob: 0417 859 466

Exhibition Delivery Information

ACC Delivery Label

The delivery of all exhibitor/ contractor goods will require the delivery of goods to be via the ACC’s North Terrace Loading Dock accessed from North Terrace.

Please refer to the delivery address on your Exhibitor Delivery label.

All deliveries must be scheduled in with the ACC Loading Dock.

Exhibition deliveries may only occur during the occupancy of the exhibition space. Deliveries arriving without a booking or prior to the allocated move in period will not be accepted.

There is no onsite storage available at the ACC, please refer all enquiries to your organiser.

If you are having goods delivered by courier, please ensure someone from your company is on site to sign for the goods.

The ACC, nor designated representatives will not sign for exhibitor or contractor deliveries. Couriers requiring a signature will be turned away.

It is strongly recommended that any exhibitor transporting freight to and from the ACC use the services of a specialised exhibition focused freight forwarder. This will avoid potential problems with customs, duties, and deliveries outside designated times.

The ACC will not accept any responsibility for arranging the freighting of any item or the costs associated therewith.

All airway bills/shipping notes must be clearly marked ‘All charges to account consignor’. The ACC accepts no responsibility for any charges associated with the duties, taxes or clearance of exhibitor/ contractor goods.

Pallet lifters and trolleys are provided on a complimentary basis to all exhibitors. These are located in the loading bay and are available on a first in, first served basis.

Frieght Forwading, Transport and Logistics

Agility Fairs and Events has been appointed the official logistics provider for ANZSNM 2019

Agility specialises in exhibition freight forwarding - both domestic and international. Agility can ensure that your product, display & merchandise are in the right place, at the right time, providing a complete transport, materials handling & storage service. Agility provides a complete service including monitoring of freight from your door step right through to your exhibition booth to make sure your goods are handled in a professional manner and all formalities/deadlines are met. If you are using Agility, your goods will automatically be delivered to your exhibition booth.

Agility Fairs & Events offers the following services:

  • All local, interstate and international transport services including delivery onto each exhibitors' stand at the venue.
  • Storage of early consignments, packing materials during the exhibition and storage after the exhibition
  • For international exhibitors, a comprehensive international freight forwarding service tailored to each particular exhibitor’s requirements.

Prior to the show, Agility will make contact to discuss and determine your individual freight and logistics requirements. In the meantime, for any queries please contact:

Seamus Campbell
Event Logistics Specialist
Agility Fairs & Events
Tel: +61 3 9330 9014
Fax: +61 3 9330 3337

Seamus Campbell

As the show bumps in / out on very tight parameters and deliveries will not be accepted at the venue earlier, we highly recommend using Agility as their service is door-to-stand and they work weekends and outside normal business hours. Please refer to “Benefits of using Agility” which outlines the services provided and will assist you in making an informed decision.

Agility will be operating a forklift service during bump in and bump out to assist exhibitors requiring forklifts, pallet jacks and flatbed trolleys. These are provided free of charge by THE ORGANISER as a service to exhibitors. Please see the Agility staff at the loading dock for assistance.


There will be limited on-site storage facilities for packing materials and boxes. It is recommended that exhibitors consider their storage needs (of packing crates and freight forwarding materials) for the duration of the exhibition. Exhibitors may not leave boxes and packing material in the exhibition display area during the show. Agility can arrange off-site storage at a cost of $55.00 per m3 or part thereof.

Please note:

  • If you are using your own transport company, Agility cannot sign for delivery of goods on your behalf. Please ensure you make specific arrangements with your transport provider and/or ensure you have a representative onsite at the time of delivery.
  • Agility Fairs & Events standard trading conditions apply for services provided – it is important that you are aware of these. Services include: transport, cranage, forklift, porterage, clearance, delivery, storage, positioning and all other onsite services.
  • Any freight not collected during the move out will be considered as ”abandoned” freight. Agility will be instructed to remove prior the end of tenancy and hold in a depot. Exhibitor will be charged a fee of $176.00 to recover costs incurred. Any items left behind will be disposed of.

Exhibition Handbook

Adelaide Convention Centre Manual

Please ensure all display builders, sub-contractors, suppliers and booth staff are given this information. They must be familiar with the venues regulations of use.

Registration for Company Representatives

All people attending the conference must register prior to the event and can complete this form via the registration tab on this website. Please note your company’s entitlement table sent via email, may contain complimentary registrations depending on your sponsorship package. Ensure to refer to this table before completing your registration form. If you need a copy of your entitlement table, please contact the Event Manager

Register for ANZSNM 2019

Exhibition Floor Plan

Exhibition Floor Plan

The exhibition floor plan is subject to change without notice.

Satchel Inserts

Quantity - 550

Delivery Date - Prior to Friday 5 April, 2019

Delivery Address - Courier: 65 Devereux Road Linden Park SA 5065
Postal: PO Box 54 Burnside SA 5066

Sponsorship and/or Exhibition Cancellation Policy

Once a booking form has been received for Sponsorship opportunities, any cancellation must be advised in writing. If the cancellation is received on or before 30 March 2019 an administration fee of 25% of the total price is retained. If the cancellation is received after 30 March 2019, no refund is applicable unless the sponsorship package is resold where 25% of the total price is retained.

Public Liability Insurance

Australian regulations require all exhibitors to have adequate Public and Product Liability Insurance cover based on a limit of indemnity to the value of A$10,000,000 or above. This refers to damage or injury caused to third parties / visitors on or in the vicinity of an exhibition stand. The venue may request a copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate. Most companies already have adequate cover. To assist you in locating your certificate within your organisation - it can often be found with the accounts / finance departments and is also often referred to as ‘Broadform’.