The Conference will commence Friday 24 April 2020 with the Pre-Conference Symposium. The Welcome Reception and opening plenary session will be held in the afternoon of Friday 24 April 2020 at the International Convention Centre, Sydney (ICC). Plenary and concurrent sessions will be held Saturday 25 April and Sunday 26 April 2020. The Conference dinner will be held Saturday evening at the ICC.

Program details will be added to the website as they become available.

Preliminary Program Schedule

Friday 24 April 2020
08:00 Pre-Conference Symposium Registration
08:15 Intelligent Imaging Summit Please refer to Intelligent Imaging Summit program under the pre-conference symposium tab" for more detail.
16:00 Opening Plenary
FDG PET/CT in infectious diseases - Prof Wim Oyen
History and future of molecular imaging - Prof Eric Rohren
Emerging new PET Tracers and their impact on clinical imaging and therapy – Prof Vijay Kumar
18:00 Welcome Reception
19:30 AANMS Fellows’ Dinner
19:30 Siemens Healthineers 2020 Vision Soiree - Hard Rock Cafe
Saturday 25 April 2020
07:00 Registration
08:00 Plenary Session 2
1. Lowenthal lecture - Dr Kathy Willowson
2. Pioneer Lecture - Prof Chris Rowe
3. Build the wall - Prof Stewart Bushong
10:00 Morning tea
10:30 Feature Session 1
1. Harnessing bio-orthogonal click chemistry for pre-targeted PET imaging and radioimmunotherapy – Dr Brian Zeglis
2. 18F prosthetic groups - Dr Lidia Matesic
3. The role of molecular imaging in modern drug development – Dr Lidia Cunha
4. Is Ga-68 the "new" Tc-99m: expanding use beyond DOTATATE and PSMA – Prof Michael Hofman
Concurrent sessions including:
1. SIG papers,
3. SIG award presentations
4. Unusual imaging procedures - Mark Crosthwaite
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Feature Session 2
1. Theranostics in prostate cancer – Prof Wim Oyen
2. PRRT in prostate cancer; surgical urologists perspective - Dr Michael Holmes
3. PRRT in prostate cancer - A/Prof Louise Emmett
4. Prostate cancer theranostics – Prof Michael Hofman
5. Panel Discussion
Concurrent sessions including:
1. Registrar Award and papers
2. Radpharm & Curium Awards
3. Student presentations
4. Shimadzu award
5. SIG Abstracts
6. Normalisation of defiance: LNT or LT - Prof Stewart Bushong
15:30 Afternoon Tea
16:00 Feature Session 3
1. Nuclear neurology – Dr K Elizabeth Hawk
2. Multimodality imaging and brain functional analysis using PET/MRI – Prof Hidehiko Okazawa
3. Dual isotope imaging in cardiac amyloidosis - Prof Daniel Berman
4. FDG PET/CT and Functional Molecular Imaging for the Diagnosis of Cardiac Device Infections – Prof Vasken Dilsizian
Concurrent sessions including:
1. NET multi-disciplinary meeting (MDM) – A/Prof Paul Roach, Prof Dale Bailey and colleagues
2. Alternative career paths for the technologist workshop – Jodie Fam, Emily Kalaf, Daphne James, Peter Kench, Matt Ayers, Janelle Wheat and more.
3. Cyclotron user group workshop
4. Pre-clinical imaging workshop
5. NIF update
6. Clinical versatility using small cyclotrons – A/Prof Luis Metello
7. Challenges and opportunities of small animal PET and SPECT imaging – Doug Vines
8. Whole body PET update – Prof Steve Meikle
19:00 Awards (Legends) Dinner
Sunday 26 April 2020
08:00 Registration
08:00 Plenary Session 3
1. Cardiac imaging now and the future (SPECT, PET, CT and MRI) - Prof Daniel Berman
2. Molecular imaging in myocardial viability - Prof Vasken Dilsizian
3. New applications of cardiac PET/CT – Prof Henry Bom
4. CTCA – A/Prof Barry Elison
Current initiatives and future trial proposals: an interactive session - A/Prof Ros Francis
10:00 Morning tea
10:30 Feature Session 4
1. Research and clinical update in theranostics - Prof Andrew Scott
2. FDG PET/CT in lymphoma – Prof Wim Oyen
3. 90Y microsphere dosimetry; partition model versus BSA - Dr Sean Yan
4. Targeted imaging in sentinel node scintigraphy in melanoma - Prof John Buscombe
5. Dosimetry for therapy – Prof Dale Bailey
6. Virtual reality applications in nuclear medicine - Prof Ran Klein
Concurrent sessions including:
1. Radiochemistry
TBA – Dr Lidia Matesic
The development of novel approaches to the site-specific radiolabeling of antibodies – Dr Brian Zeglis
TBA – Dr Ivan Greguric
2. Neurology
TBA - Prof Chris Rowe
TBA - Rob Williams
PET/MRI – Robert Miner
3. General
The role of nuclear medicine in urology – Dr Michael Holmes
117mSn for intra-articular and intra-cavital therapy - Prof Lionel Zuckier
Are RCTs the way forward for evidence in nuclear medicine – A/Prof Nat Lenzo
PET imaging in endocrine disease - Prof John Buscombe
Utilisation of ImmunoPET to predict off-target effects of adoptive cell therapy – A/Prof Amer Najjar
Development of novel theranostic agents – Dr Lesley Flynt
4. Cardiology
Diagnostic and prognostic CT information on cardiac SPECT/CT - Prof Daniel Berman
Nuclear cardiology outside CAD – Prof Hosen Kiat
82Rb PET myocardial blood flow quantification - Prof Ran Klein
TBA – Dr Pushan Bharadwaj
Nuclear cardiology; what’s new in blood flow and flow reserve - Mark Crosthwaite
5. Workshop
Women and STEM leadership workshop - Prof Janelle Wheat and Alanna Vial
Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion in Nuclear medicine - Dr K Elizabeth Hawk
6. Technologist
Quality management - Kunthi Pathmaraj
TBA – Elizabeth Brettschneider
Cardiac PET – Dr David Gilmore
Approaches to nuclear medicine education – A/Prof Luis Metello
Tips for paediatrics – Justin Trpezanovski
TBA – Dr Berry Allen
PET/CT image quality using PSMA radiotracers in patients with prostate cancer – Doug Vines
7. Papers (abstracts)
12:30 Lunch, ANZSNM AGM
13:30 Feature Session 5
1. Measuring tumour responses to immunotherapy – A/Prof Amer Najjar
2. Treatment Response Criteria in the Era of Cancer Immunotherapy – A/Prof Hossein Jadvar
3. Metabolic tumour volume, doubling time and prognosis in patients with solid tumours – Dr Lesley Flynt
4. Trends in the use of alpha emitters in radionuclide therapy - Prof Lionel Zuckier
5. Alpha therapies today and tomorrow - Prof Eric Rohren
6. Radium-223 in clinical practice - Prof John Buscombe
7. Virtual reality applications in nuclear medicine - Prof Ran Klein
Concurrent sessions including:
1. General nuclear medicine
The galloping pace of nuclear medicine – Prof Stewart Bushong
Quantification of lung lobar function - Prof Ran Klein
Current status and perspective of thyroid cancer in Bangladesh – Dr Faria Nasreen
Paediatrics – Dr Kevin London
The role of nuclear medicine in GU oncology – Dr Michael Holmes
2. Animal Imaging
Pre-clinical imaging; an essential ally in modern biosciences – Dr Lidia Cunha
Motion correction in the moving rodent – Prof Steve Meikle
Nuclear medicine in companion animals – Assoc Prof Max Zuber
Establishing an animal imaging facility – Pete Tually
3. Oncology papers
4. Other papers
5. Workshop
Cultural proficiency workshop - A/Prof Geoff Currie & A/Prof Cate Thomas
Management and leadership workshop - Mark Crosthwaite
15:30 Afternoon tea
16:00 Plenary Session 4
1.Informatics and big data for precision medicine – Prof Eliot Siegel
2.Where is evidence based medicine in nuclear medicine - Prof Lionel Zuckier
3. New probes for precision nuclear medicine – Prof Andrew Scott
4. Reflection on 2020 ASM – Prof Dale Bailey and A/Prof Barry Elison
5. Look at 2021 – convenors
6. Close - President
17:45 Close


Preliminary Program

The preliminary program is current as at Thursday 27 February 2020 and is subject to change. Abstracts prefaced with with O and P will be published in Internal Medicine Journal.

Siemens Healthineers

Breakfast Sessions Preliminary Schedule

Breakfast sessions are hosted by sponsors and provide an opportunity to enjoy an in-depth case study or product/solution overview before the commencement of daily sessions. Tickets are only availble to delegates with a full or day registration and can be booked at the time of registration. Places are limited so if you book at ticket, it is expected you will attend.

Sunday 26 April, 2020


ANSTO: ICC, Sydney Meeting Room C2.2/C2.3, 6.45am for 7.00am commencement. Light breakfast served from 6.45am

Sunday 26 April, 2020

Pfizer: ICC, Sydney Meeting Room C2.1, 6.45am for 7.00am commencement. Light breakfast served from 6.45am

Sunday 26 April, 2020

GenesisCare: ICC, Sydney Meeting Room C2.5/C2.6, 6.45am for 7.00am commencement. Light breakfast served from 6.45am