We invite nuclear medicine physicians, radiologists, physicists, radiochemists, scientists, technologists and specialists to this landmark symposium; Intelligent Imaging Summit 2020 (II2020).

Friday 24 April, 2020,
Internatonal Convention Centre, Sydney

Precision medicine heralds a new era increasing the demands on imaging capabilities and at the same time creating exciting opportunities. While the medical imaging modalities are all central parts of the precision medicine landscape, it is essential that nuclear medicine and radiology professionals have a sound insight into radiomics, artificial intelligence and neural networks; and the role they play in precision medicine. One might assume this is an emerging area but it is an exciting domain that is already entrenched in imaging practices; from x-ray, nuclear medicine and ultrasound, through CT and SPECT to PET and MRI. Internationally, radiomics and artificial intelligence are regular streams at major conferences in nuclear medicine and radiology. This pre-conference symposium takes the form of an “Intelligent Imaging Summit”, the first of regular, to introduce, discuss and learn about the key principles and to allow this information to be used in a translational way to practitioners on the cutting-edge of imaging technology. At the same time, celebrating the pioneering role the imaging professions have had in build a culture around radiomics and artificial intelligence that has driven advances in precision medicine.

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Preliminary Program Schedule

Friday 24 April 2020
08:00 Pre-Conference Symposium Registration
Theme Radiomics, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Big Data in Precision Medicine (Nuclear Medicine and Radiology)
Intelligent Imaging Summit 2020 - II2020
Open pre-conference registration to radiologist, specialists and referrers
Sponsor: GE Healthcare
08:00-10:00 Session 1 Chair: Prof Lionel Zuckier and Prof Eric Rohren
08:00 1. Introduction -A/Prof Geoff Currie (10 min)
2. The promise of artificial intelligence in healthcare – Prof Enrico Coiera (30 min)
3. Artificial intelligence applications in medical imaging – Dr K Elizabeth Hawk (30 min)
4. Hype, reality and the impact of AI in nuclear medicine and radiology in the future - Prof Eliot Siegel (30 min)
5. The future of digital and AI technology – Dr Floris Jansen (GE Healthcare) (20 min)
10:00 - 10:30 Morning Tea Pyrmont Theatre Pre-Function Area
10:30-12:30 Session 2 Chair: Prof Eliot Siegel and Dr K Elizabeth Hawk
10:30 1. Deep learning in diagnosis, therapy and clinical applications; part 1 - Prof Lionel Zuckier (30 min)
2. Deep learning in diagnosis, therapy and clinical applications; part 2 - Prof Ran Klein (30 min)
3. Aiming for precision medicine using radiomics and deep learning - Alanna Vial (30 min)
4. AI in molecular neuroimaging - Prof Ronald Boellaard (30 min)
12:30 - 13:15 Lunch Pyrmont Theatre Pre-Function Area
13:15-15:15 Session 3 Chair: A/Prof Geoff Currie and Prof Michael Hofman
13:30 1. Deep learning in PET/MRI attenuation correction and image analysis – Dr Zhaolin Chen (30 min)
2. Coronary blood flow (PET) ; scope for radiomic feature extraction - Prof Vasken Dilsizian (30 min)
3. Machine learning in cardiovascular imaging - Dr Johan Vergis (30 min)
4. AI and big data in nuclear medicine and radiology; a programmatic perspective - Prof Eric Rohren (30 min)
5. Panel discussion - All plus Prof Michael Hofman (20 min)
15:15-15:45 Afternoon Tea Pyrmont Theatre Pre-Function Area

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